Training – Done! And #manneflette



So I am a slob – Sue me. But now I am back. This week I`ve been on the bike for 45 min monday and I trained strength wednesday. Every day, except wednesday, I`ve had 10.000 steps or more! I feel like it is somehow  easier to train strengt, even though I have an exercise bike in my living room, and need to go to a gym to train with «apparatus». Maybe I just get more mentaly out of training strength? Does anybody else feel the same? Just scriblin` down my week for those of you that seems to care (thanks). Today my son and I got our new look 🙂 We are both pretty viking inspired, but tell us what you think:

My son:



Remembering to breath out after I THINK the picture is taken, haha 🙂WP_20160401_039 1


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