A 1000 year setback – Viking living

My Family and me are over average interested in the viking way of life, and every year in july we go to the viking marked at Bronseplassen in Høvåg, Lillesand to spend a week in our saxon tent with a couple of hundred other vikings from all over Norway. Some travel several thousand km to join us! There are viking games called «Glima», archery competitions, viking fights (sometimes with real blood!) and a lot of entertainment. The kids have their own viking courses and they stay out all day, have no screens available and interact with the other children at this great gathering. If you are coming our way in july next year, give us a visit, ok? If you are from south of Norway and feel the viking inside, you should join Agder Vikinglag to day!VinjarTrell

Photografer Solfrid Harstad

BronseplassenPhotografer Tove Lodal

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