Windows phone? No thanks!

I just want to share my experience with this Lumia 950XL Windows phone. Who on earth could be so stupid to buy one of these? Well, regrettably, I did. I mean, the camera is excellent (when I get it to work) and I CAN use it as a phone. My apps are crashing and the few apps I use is no longer supported. I should have returned this piece of %&¤§ long time ago.

When I bought it, I got my self a Office 365 license and off I went, unknowingly of the trouble I was getting myself  into. First, I noticed that the phone got really hot, so I contacted support by email, since it seems unlikely to get people on the phone at Microsoft. Maybe they got a lot of angry customers, which I can understand. I had to hard reset the phone, update the software and add all my contacts all over again. Well the contacts where at, but my next problem was that all my contacts where duplicated 255 times. Funny, right? I tried to use the «clean the contacts» function there, but everything hung on every laptop/desktop or phone used this function on. OK, so what to do now? I gave up the multiple duplicated contacts and used my phone as a phone (?!). To search my contacts takes a while, since I got 18.000 contacts on it, witch is far more than I actually have. Well, I wasn`t in a hurry in any way and I didn`t have the effort to fix this. This was maybe half a year ago.

Then last week something strange happened. I suddenly had 0 (zero) contacts! Not a single contact on my phone, but on it had come down to about 6.000 contact. Another funny thing that happened today, was that I can no longer receive MMS, so no my phone is degraded to just being a phone, with no extra functions (except for the camera, when it works).

A pretty expensive phone, may I say?

I`ve been on phone, chat and email with Microsoft support, Microsoft Store, Outlook Support, Microsoft infamous support For several hours I chat, phoned and emailed back and forward, so I almost lost my wits.

Nothing they ask me to do corrected the troubles I done with the whole Microsoft package. Is this the way they tend to their customers? I mean, is it only me and doesen`t anyone else have trouble with their Microsoft phone? Try google any of the lumia-series WP and see what customers of Microsoft must deal with.

So Microsoft, if you can hear me, I don` t think I can recommend this product to anyone, besides the people that needs to have a phone stripped for anything else than what a phone does: Taking and getting calls. Nice Microsoft, really nice.

I feel like a road kill and that’s my experience with Microsoft Windows Phone 950XL, one of their lousy products!

Happy «phoning»

PS: Actually I can give the Lumia 900 thumbs up (my daughter uses it). Microsoft promised that this phone would be supported for the W10 upgrade, so thousands of people went out and bought the 900, only to se that Microsoft withdraw it from the W10 support. That`s how much Microsoft value the customers.

Android, I`m coming home now…

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