My interests are viking history/stuff, astronomy, geneology, exercise, music, blogging, my family and all that is good. I am a singer, play guitar and piano, and now also the bass and vocals in the coverband «The Fan Scare». We had our first gig at Skvuppfestivalen in Kristiansand, and we had a GREAT time! Go there 10 of august, `cause WE are! More about Skvupp here.

My Family and me are members of the The Viking guild of Agder (AVL) and every summer, my family and me live like vikings, wearing authentic clothes and lives in tents form the viking age at different viking markeds/festivals in Norway. My wife and me got married as vikings, in the summer of 2015 with the Norwegian National Broadcasting, NRK present. The documentary you can see here.

I am trying to change my ways: More exercise, eating the right food and the right amount. The goal is to live healthy and have the opportunity to live to se my grandkids. I mean to write my blog as a kind of self therapy in my quest for a life with reduced fat and sugar, and more of the right food and outdoor activities.

Feel free to comment on my (mostly) norwegian blog.

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  1. ELda Tamara sier:

    Nice profile 🙂

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    1. Starman.no sier:

      Thanks! Just try to scrible down tings 🙂

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